Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio 33

The modular classroom has been named "Studio 33" because the original door has the number 33 on it. We have basically finished the work under the building permit. The county is requiring that we remove the HVAC unit from the building, since it is permitted as a shop. I guess they were afraid that if it was too comfortable, we would want to live in it. We cannot get the final permit sign-off until the heat pump is removed, and I am trying to find a new home for the HVAC before I take it off the building. Once that is done, we will call for final inspection.

The upgrades to Studio 33 include a half bath, a studio sink, a pair of new windows and a 7' x 7' opening covered by an 8' x 8' barn slider. This big door is to let over-sized items in and out of the studio. We put a 4' wide sliding glass door into the slider so we wouldn't always have to open the big door.

Right now we are working on getting a decent shop floor in the building. Once that is done. we will be ready to set it up for a workshop. We are hoping to have our first workshop over a weekend sometime in the Spring. Watch this space for more on that.