Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 2009 udate

We have nearly finished the modifications to the modular building that we got from Cayucos Elementary School. A little more plumbing work, rain gutters, and a paint job are the main things left to do. Once we complete this work, we plan to conduct a workshop there with some of our key supporters and advisers to try to iron out how to get the main construction project back on track.

Currently, the main building project languishes half done without a clear path to financing. We plan to make inquiries with a local bank over the next couple of weeks to see what is possible in this abysmal market. We are not sure at this point if there is a workable path through the maze of traditional options, so we are also trying to find a more creative solution. We have been stuck on high center with this problem for over a year now, and are a little too close to it to see clearly. This weekend we showed the project to friends, one of whom suggested that we should go away for a couple of weeks to clear our heads. Clear, fresh thinking is definitely in order, so if you have any ideas, we are all ears.